domingo, 15 de novembro de 2009

Hey friends!
I was a little while without refreshing news! Lol...
Anyway, yesterday I remembered the aunt Ana *-*
Do nothing, and gave me i miss her and Mari (L
On the same day my best called me on her work *o*
I don't knew she was working u.u
to eager to travel with her to the fortaleza =)
addicted to some music one of them is Te puedo esuchar and Hasta que me conociste, but what would be the people without a song to listen and addictive?! lol again...
Today is holiday and sunday --'
It is pointless even holiday was meant to be on a weekday and not on sunday ;)
Well, tomorrow I have a test so I still have to study hard!
Kisses for everyone and have a good week :**

Doo Da Doo It's all good =)