domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Heey guys!!
I have a lot to tell you!
First, yesterday was my birthday! YEAH!
It was very nice despite my beest not have gone, but she did a really nice video for me on our channel on youtube I saw the video and cried!
It was really far! Bestieeee I am a three-leaf clover! AUSHAUSHAUSHUAHSA
Only intends to see the video ...
AA and Mari Queiroz my friend was on my birthday! *-*
And she did not I delete the sail right I do not know if my application is going to happen because of it! [/ lol
But I hope that happens! *----*
I also wanted to thank everyone that gave me congratulations, I think were 100 scraps in my orkut then I think that much!
sO THANK YOU ALL that reminded me of!
I was very happy to know that so many people but reiterated orkut do! hihihi
But I think is true!
I write more soon! :)

xo Rapha

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