segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

Well I'm very busy today so I will not write much to you
Tomorrow will be a busy day too..I think the busy days are very present in my life
I wish I could change that and have a quiet day again but until that happens LET'S STUDY!
I'm going now time not wait for me!
xo Rapha
Everybody check out the new video on rapha and mari channel

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

Well as long as I post here is not people?
Actually I would not post today because i'm to lazy... but one thing I just find that I no longer post made me very happy! It was when I talked on MSN with Gui and he said that he had my blog that means someone read! Whoo ooh! Lol
Also I met the most perfect person I ever saw in the world! ANAHI *----*
Yes I was very happy to know and why and it reminds me that dreams can become reality yes! You just believe ...
So guys you want to believe in what you want and dream because the universe will conspire to hold! :)
Kisses for everyone!

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Heey guys!!
I have a lot to tell you!
First, yesterday was my birthday! YEAH!
It was very nice despite my beest not have gone, but she did a really nice video for me on our channel on youtube I saw the video and cried!
It was really far! Bestieeee I am a three-leaf clover! AUSHAUSHAUSHUAHSA
Only intends to see the video ...
AA and Mari Queiroz my friend was on my birthday! *-*
And she did not I delete the sail right I do not know if my application is going to happen because of it! [/ lol
But I hope that happens! *----*
I also wanted to thank everyone that gave me congratulations, I think were 100 scraps in my orkut then I think that much!
sO THANK YOU ALL that reminded me of!
I was very happy to know that so many people but reiterated orkut do! hihihi
But I think is true!
I write more soon! :)

xo Rapha