segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

Hello pretty people! (:
I'm here again and writing in english yeah, i will wrote for you guys only in english! YEAH! [/Lol
Because I want and it's my blog! hihihi...whatever
And may not have more photos in this blog, I will not say that I never put pictures but finally I will decrease the amount of photos .
I wake up this morning and it's 10:52, i'm very happy today and gave me a sudden desire to give an update of my life for you also make a vlog on youtube with a friend because I think it's cool and funny!! :D
Well i don't know what i will do now and all day! OMG!! [/Lol again
Oh! I just remember that tomorrow will be testing the new project that I'm doing!! happy that (:
I think I have nothing more to tell you guys...maybe now I will find a friend to me my vlog!!
See you soon! ;)

xo Rapha

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